Developer's black hole

Hi. I’m Flavio Percoco (a.k.a flaper87), and I’m a Software Engineer at Red Hat, where I spend my days working on OpenStack, speaking at conferences. In my spare time I contribute to Rust, write, read, surf, travel, smoke my coffee and drink my pipe.

So, you're an ATC. Let me tell you something

You may be probably wondering what the heck is wrong with me. If you haven't, please, keep reading. If you have, though, please, keep reading.

It's that time of the cycle - ha! you saw this comming, didn't you? -, in OpenStack, when we need to elect new members for the Technical …

Let me tell you something about being a PTL

It's that time of the cycle, in OpenStack, when projects need to elect who's going to be the PTL for the next 6 months. People look at the, hopefully many, candidacies and vote based on the proposals that are more sound to them. I believe, for the PTL elections, the …