Developer's black hole

Hi. I’m Flavio Percoco (a.k.a flaper87), and I’m a Software Engineer at Red Hat, where I spend my days working on OpenStack, speaking at conferences. In my spare time I contribute to Rust, write, read, surf, travel, smoke my coffee and drink my pipe.

Hiding unnecessary complexity

This post does not represent a strong opinion but something I've been thinking about for a bit. The content could be completely wrong or it could even make some sense. Regardless, I'd like to throw it out there and hopefully gather some feedback from people interested in this topic.

Before …

Mentoring others and yourself

Mentoring is one of the things I enjoy the most doing. I don't consider myself the ultimate expert on things but I've definitely gone through enough things that had led me to become a mentor on different technical areas.

The reason I enjoy this process so much is because it …

MongoDB 2.6 is out, Marconi will benefit from it

Those of you following closely MongoDB's development know that the new stable version (2.6) is out and that it brings lots of improvements and new features.

Since there are already presentations, documentation and general information about this new release, I wanted to take a chance and evaluate those changes …