Developer's black hole

Hi. I’m Flavio Percoco (a.k.a flaper87), and I’m a Software Engineer at Red Hat, where I spend my days working on OpenStack, speaking at conferences. In my spare time I contribute to Rust, write, read, surf, travel, smoke my coffee and drink my pipe.

Embracing new languages in OpenStack

OpenStack has been an (almost) Python-only community for a very long time. Other programming languages have been used for very specific use cases - UI, configuration files, deployment tools, for example - but never for OpenStack's API services until now.

During the Newton cycle, a resolution to accept Go as an official …

On communities: Sometimes it's better to over-communicate

Communities, regardless of their size, rely mainly on the communication there is between their members to operate. The existing processes, the current discussions, and the future growth depend heavily on how well the communication throughout the community has been established. The channels used for these conversations play a critical role …