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Hi. I’m Flavio Percoco (a.k.a flaper87), and I’m a Software Engineer at Red Hat, where I spend my days working on OpenStack, speaking at conferences. In my spare time I contribute to Rust, write, read, surf, travel, smoke my coffee and drink my pipe.

PoC: Deploy MariaDB, Keystone and Glance with TripleO on Kubernetes

I recently posted a small screencast showing part of the progress I've made on the research to deploy OpenStack services on Kubernetes using TripleO.

In this new screencast, I would like to demo a small deployment of Keystone, Glance, and mariadb using the TripleO undercloud deploy command.

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Deploy mariadb on kubernetes with TripleO

I've spent quite some time researching how we can migrate TripleO from deploying OpenStack on baremetal to Kubernetes. This work has been going on for around a year already and it started with a migration from baremetal to Docker. Now that this first migration is almost done, I've moved to …