PoC: Deploy MariaDB, Keystone and Glance with TripleO on Kubernetes

I recently posted a small screencast showing part of the progress I've made on the research to deploy OpenStack services on Kubernetes using TripleO.

In this new screencast, I would like to demo a small deployment of Keystone, Glance, and mariadb using the TripleO undercloud deploy command.

What's really new in this screencast is the ability for the APBs being used to bootstrap the services. These new roles create the databases, run the initial migrations and register the endpoints in keystone. Here's the video:

NOTE: Sorry for the small font

What if I want to play with it?

Here's a small recap of what's needed to play with this PoC. Before you do, though, bear in mind that this work is in its very early days and that there are many things that don't work or that could be better. As usual, any kind of feedback and/or contribution are welcome. Note that some of the steps below require root access

1# Clone the tripleo-apbs repository and its submodules:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/tripleo-apb/tripleo-apbs

2# Build the images you want to run:

./build.sh mariadb

 ./build.sh glance

 ./build.sh keystone

3# Clone the undercloud_containers repo and run the doit.sh script. This repo is meant to be used only for development purposes:

git clone https://github.com/flaper87/undercloud_containers

4# Prepare the environment

 cd undercloud_containers && ./doit.sh

5# Deploy the undercloud (as root)

cd $HOME && ./run.sh

The doit.sh scripts uses my fork of tripleo-heat-templates, which contains the changes to use the APBs. It's important to highlight that this fork doesn't introduce changes to the existing API. You can see the comparison between the fork and the main tripleo-heat-template's repo here

Any feedback is welcomed! Remember this is a PoC and there's just 1 guarantee: It may fail ;)

Hi. I’m Flavio Percoco (a.k.a flaper87), and I’m a Software Engineer at Red Hat, where I spend my days working on OpenStack, speaking at conferences. In my spare time I contribute to Rust, write, read, surf, travel, smoke my coffee and drink my pipe.