Rhones-Alpes meetup summary

I love meetups. They are a more intimate moment for local communities to get closer, interact and dive into topics related to the main focus of the meetup group. I organize myself 3 meetups in Milan and I really enjoy the opportunity to get to know local people and learn from them. However, it's also really important to participate in and learn from other non-local communities. Therefore, I'm always looking forward to attend - and hopefully talk - in other meetups around my continent - going to other continents for a meetup would be harder to afford.

Since I want everyone to learn from other communities as I do, I'll start writing about my experiences in these events. I'll start with the last meetup I attended outside Italy.

On December 4th, I had the pleasure to attend Lyon's OpenStack meetup. Among the OpenStack meetups I've attended so far, this has been the one with more attendees. At least 45 people were there and there were a variety of topics. The talks that were presented are:

What surprised me about the Rhônes-Alpes' meetup is the good organization it has and the number of attendees. There were at least ~50 ppl, which is something we're still quite far from in Milan. The meetup was organized in a local college, which helped a lot with spreading the word and engaging more people.

Some pictures were tweeted through @openstackfr's account:

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